I recently attended a fundraising Gala that has always been well attended and has a large amount of supporters.  I have been one of these supporters for many years and since I have a vested interest, I always pay attention to all of the details that have been implemented  to create that perfect event.  Since I have chaired many events through the years myself, I have quite a keen eye in picking up what might have been missing, what could have been thought out a little more carefully and definitely the pieces that contributed to the success of the event.

At the event in which I am referring to, there was one piece that I witnessed truly lost the attention of their supporters.  The video that was created to give an overview of their agency and the services that they provide, was animated. After I watched this video for around a minute, I looked around the room and I saw exactly what I had felt, a total dis-interest in what was being shown. That few minute video, that typically allows for an agency to showcase all that they do in the most meaningful way possible, became what I witnessed as an intermission in the event.

If I have learned anything through the years as a dedicated philanthropist, I have learned that there is nothing more powerful than making that heartfelt human connection.  When a charity puts on an event, they have a small window of time to take advantage of their captive audience and do everything in their power to create a connection in order to have an ongoing supporting relationship.

A face speaks a thousand words!  I would even venture to say that “eyes” can tell a whole story. When a video is made to share a charity’s mission, vision, accomplishments, etc., they can’t  forget to show who they are and what they do in the most connective way possible. “ Human to Human” connects “Heart to Heart” and there is not a more powerful way to garner the support of donor’s for your cause.

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