Pricing & Benefits

The objective of The Jewel In Giving/The Jewel In Giving Foundation is to create a hybrid relationship between eCommerce and charitable giving and become the most widely used jewelry website on the internet. The popularity and success of The Jewel In Giving offer participating nonprofits the potential to be a beneficiary of a steady stream of donations from ecommerce shopping.

Simply visit our Registration page to apply for Participation. Participation requires a one-time payment of $250, which is refunded if you are not accepted into our program. The $250 entails you to:

  • permanent directory listing as a selectable charity
  • a custom link which makes you the pre-selected charity on any purchases from traffic you send
  • 12 months of access to our fundraising marketing content
  • eligibility to take advantage of our consignment program

After the first year you can elect to remain a nonprofit marketing content member and continue to receive access to our guides, articles, programs, email templates, consignment program and more for an optional annual $100 subscription. Even if you elect NOT to renew the nonprofit content marketing membership you will remain a participant and be able to send consumers to shop with your custom link or appear on the charity search pages and dropdowns as a selectable charity at checkout.

Our nonprofit content marketing program will provide you with a large archive of materials deigned to make your organization's fundraising efforts successful. We'll show you how to use social media to cost-effectively attract donations and to send donors to shop at The Jewel in Giving. We will be continuously creating new programs, ad templates, email templates and more to help you drive traffic to shop for your benefit. Our email marketing series will show you how to automate your donor outreach while eliminating traditional postal costs.

We strive to keep our administrative costs as low as possible. Your initial registration of $250 covers our extensive vetting, setting you up in both our nonprofit portal and as a selectable charity in the main eCommerce site, setting up the automated bank drafts to get you paid your donations automatically once a quarter and one year of full blown marketing support to help you successfully increase donors and participation. In order to fully cover the ongoing participation donors you send to shop with us will only have to purchase a combined $2,000. If you elect to remain a marketing member combined donor jewelry purchases of only $800 per year cover the subscription.

We have made sure that The Jewel In Giving customer experience "sparkles" well beyond the "sparkle" of the jewelry... an opportunity to purchase beautiful jewelry and to be able to make every purchase meaningful!

Every aspect of our company has been built with a mindful approach in regards to our responsibility in taking care of people and our planet. The building of our website, the hiring of our employees, the sourcing and packaging of the jewelry all meet and exceed the highest standards in the industry and eCommerce shopping.

You can partner with us with confidence and know that every shopper will see the best prices combined with an unprecedented 12.5% donation built into that price.

We are able to offer this level of pricing and donation and still have the best prices because we are wholesalers and manufacturers of the jewelry with low overhead. We are able to give our customers, and your donors, an unbelievable deal everyday without having to wait for the right day, the right time of year or a special promotion for the "best deal".


The Jewel In Giving concept affords the savvy and socially conscious eCommerce shopper everything that is important in the entire shopping experience and everything that is important in the feeding of the soul.

  • Best pricing
  • 12.5% donation
  • Complimentary shipping and returns
  • Order tracking
  • Conflict free sourcing
  • Eco-friendly packaging