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JULY 28, 2019

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Online Jeweler Launches a Revolutionary New Way to Shop and Give


The Jewel in Giving is an online jeweler offering competitive prices and the opportunity for shoppers to give back to charity with each purchase


[BOCA RATON, Florida]—A new Boca Raton-based jeweler is seeking to change the way that people shop for jewelry online. The Jewel in Giving is a new eCommerce jewelry site that gives consumers around the world the opportunity to shop their expansive online showroom with thousands of competitively priced pieces while doing good. With each purchase made on The Jewel in Giving’s site, a portion of the purchase price is donated to a charitable organization partnering with the brand.

With each purchase made from The Jewel in Giving, shoppers can designate 12.5% of their gross purchase price to a charity of their choice that has partnered with the company. The Jewel in Giving team sought to set themselves apart from other organizations partnering with charities by making the percentage of their sales donated larger than average. The 12.5% share is considerably larger than many other charitable partnerships out there in any market, and The Jewel in Giving is one of the few partners that gives based off of the gross sales amount versus net proceeds. 

The Jewel in Giving team sought to create a brand that provides the maximum benefit to the charities it partners with. With an innovative hybrid business model fueling the brand, this mission was brought to life. 

For 501(c)(3) approved organizations looking to partner with The Jewel in Giving, the benefits are substantial. With the popularity of the eCommerce industry, charities partnering with The Jewel in Giving stand to create a robust new revenue stream with little or no work on their end. 

In addition to providing an innovative way to give back, The Jewel in Giving has also sought to create a new and exciting online shopping experience. Competitive pricing is a core tenet of the company, with low prices on quality products available at all times, even with the 12.5% charitable giving model in mind. 

Those purchasing quality jewelry products through The Jewel in Giving get more than a beautiful and timeless piece in return: each time they wear their piece, they have the knowledge that they are making a change in the world through their purchase. And since The Jewel in Giving takes care of the donation, there are no added steps the buyer needs to complete. 

The Jewel in Giving has coined their innovative business model as “blended philanthropy.”

“Philanthropy and eCommerce jewelry shopping do not have to be mutually exclusive,” said Matteo Valcavi, director of marketing for The Jewel in Giving. “Customers are drawn to our site for the best prices and highest quality pieces, while at the same time, they leave with a purchase that actually makes a difference in the world. Both the retail consumers and charities win from this blended relationship.”


The Jewel in Giving was inspired to create this hybrid model after being successful in the diamond and jewelry business for 30 years and focused on philanthropic efforts for 20. The company’s leadership put their heads together to find a way to bring both of these passions together. Out of those passions and conversations, The Jewel in Giving was born, giving consumers a way to purchase exceptional jewelry at competitive prices while making a difference in the world. And the brand’s motto, Buy Something Beautiful, Do Something Beautiful sums up their mission perfectly. 


Those searching for timeless jewelry pieces to add to their collection or a gift for a loved one can visit For non-profits looking to learn more about the benefits of becoming a partner, visit



About The Jewel in Giving 

The Jewel in Giving is an all-encompassing eCommerce jewelry website offering a wide range of beautiful jewelry at everyday, competitive price points. Driven by its “blended philanthropy” model, the brand shares an unprecedented 12.5% of total gross product sales with a vetted 501(c)(3) organization while sharing the donor’s information with them. To learn more and to search their online inventory, visit For non-profits looking to learn more about the benefits of becoming a partner, visit