Our Mission

Mission Statement

The Jewel In Giving/The Jewel In Giving Foundation seeks to create an exceptional jewelry buying experience for the benevolent consumer and afford participating 501(c)(3) organizations an opportunity to financially benefit from these consumer (donors). This “Blended Philanthropy” business model will allow for the consumer to support causes that are meaningful to them, while participating 501(c)(3) organizations reap the benefits of the cultivated relationship with the consumer and by professional fundraising tools and resources that they will be afforded through The Jewel In Giving. Together, the benevolent consumer and The Jewel In Giving/The Jewel In Giving Foundation will make a significant difference in the world by supporting worthy causes and charities that offer support, comfort, healing and hope.

Keys to Success

The Jewel In Giving/The Jewel In Giving Foundation is the only jewelry website that allows for a 501(c)(3) to participate with an ecommerce jewelry website 24/7, 365 days a year with the ability to receive 12.5% of every gross sale in which the consumer designates them as the beneficiary. It is an innovative and professionally designed jewelry website that is easily navigated and affords the consumer quality and trending jewelry at the most competitive prices. In addition, The Jewel In Giving helps cultivate the relationship between the donor and the 501(c)(3) by making sure that timely communications are always shared and that the consumers are constantly and appropriately thanked for their patronage to the organizations. The Jewel In Giving offers the consumer the ability to partake in a full jewelry buying experience with the ability to make a difference by making a purchase. This allows for a 501(c)(3) that participates with The Jewel In Giving to have the ability to continually benefit from what has proven to be a thriving industry.