Does the Pareto Rule sound familiar?  How about the 80/20 rule? They both speak of the same concept which is…. 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.  So, if you were ever wondering how it applies to fundraising and donor bases, it is quite simple. 80% of an organization’s donations comes from 20% of their donor base.  If your organization considers itself a successful fundraiser that brings in the needed dollars to support your services and mission, then it is pretty amazing to think that you have been able to do so with only 20% of your supporters actually giving.

This concept continues to be one of the most frustrating pieces in connecting to an entire database of donors. When a name appears on an organization’s donor list, it is because they have expressed an interest in the organization at some time.  It may have been to volunteer, it may have been to receive information or hopefully to have even sent in a donation. Unfortunately, what happens after an initial contact, a very large portion of these potential donors sit dormant.  It has been every charity’s dream to be able to somehow engage this group, that should be a captive audience and donating, yet somehow not doing so.

When a charity does everything it can to reach out and educate donors on the importance of what they do, offer them a myriad of opportunities to volunteer and support and still have 80% doing nothing, what’s a charity to do?

It is with great excitement that I can share with you that The Jewel In Giving has created a tool that can finally take away this issue.  They have created an all encompassing eCommerce jewelry website that has thousands of pieces of beautiful jewelry at the most competitive prices EVERYDAY and that price includes 12.5% of the total gross sale being given to charity; giving the opportunity to every person who shops for jewelry the ability to designate funds from their purchase to a charity that is meaningful to them.

As we all know, a lack of funds is the number one reason why a person does not donate.  When a shopping experience allows for the purchase of a beautiful piece of jewelry, while also making a donation to charity, the jewelry purchaser now becomes a philanthropist as well.  Talk about a "sparkling" experience!

Everyone shops for jewelry! Jewelry evokes the same emotions as charity!  Now when a jewelry purchase is made at  for a milestone or momentous occasion, that purchase is forever connected to the designated charity in which the purchaser chose as the beneficiary of the donation.

Jewelry purchases and charity will never be mutually exclusive again! The 80% of a donor base that sits dormant, will now be able to have a tool that allows for them to purchase jewelry like they normally would, however, also be able to support a charity that is meaningful to them with their designation of a significant donation.

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