Does your organization follow the 3 most important rules in fundraising?  Are you even familiar with what these 3 rules are? If not, your organization will never be successful  fundraiser.


The 3 rules are as follows:

  1. Thank Your Donor!
  2. Thank Your Donor!
  3. Thank Your Donor!

Now, these 3 rules have not been duplicated by accident!  The “thank your donor” rule is basically the only and the most important thing an organization can do to cultivate and retain active supporters.  


For any well thought out gesture, a thank you speaks a thousand words.  When someone takes the time to make a donation in support of a charity, it is the charity’s responsibility to make sure that the donor is being acknowledged with their deepest gratitude.  When a donor is not thanked properly, the consequences are severe, for the chance of any future support has most likely been lost.


Thanking a donor is probably the easiest part of fundraising.  If an organization is smart, they do it every chance they get. The most obvious thank you must be made immediately after a gift is received.  The thank you that still holds the most weight is the written one and the best way to do so is still by a letter, however, you most certainly can send an email too.  If the donor has made continual donations or if your organization has a personal relationship with the donor, a personalized handwritten note on the letter is always well received as well.


Continuing to recognize donors through special donor recognition events, small tokens of appreciation, recognition in donor reports, newsletters, websites and all other forms of your technology outreach, are other extremely important ways to do your “thank you” job.  I would be remiss if I also did not mention two other extremely important ways in which to thank the donor; by telephone and by setting up a lunch date. When an organization takes the initiative to reach out to a donor in such a personal way, they afford themselves the opportunity to have more time with that donor, which in turn allows them to sell and share their cause and lay out the foundation to possibly procure additional gifts.


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