Digital Marketing Essentials for Nonprofits

Last year U.S. donors gave over $31,000,000,000 ONLINE. The last six years have seen online nonprofit support/donations grow an average of 10.7% per year.   This means that there is a steady shift in preference for how donors choose to interact with the nonprofits they support.    Is your organization ready to compete online for…

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How important is it to thank a donor?

Does your organization follow the 3 most important rules in fundraising?  Are you even familiar with what these 3 rules are? If not, your organization will never be successful  fundraiser.   The 3 rules are as follows: Thank Your Donor! Thank Your Donor! Thank Your Donor! Now, these 3 rules have not been duplicated by…

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How to break the 80/20 rule in relation to donors

Does the Pareto Rule sound familiar?  How about the 80/20 rule? They both speak of the same concept which is…. 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.  So, if you were ever wondering how it applies to fundraising and donor bases, it is quite simple. 80% of an organization’s donations comes from…

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Animation is a “NO-NO” if you want to connect to donors

I recently attended a fundraising Gala that has always been well attended and has a large amount of supporters.  I have been one of these supporters for many years and since I have a vested interest, I always pay attention to all of the details that have been implemented  to create that perfect event.  Since…

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